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Glow By Erin

Glow By Erin | Exfoliating & Tan Removing Mitt

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The Glow By Erin | Exfoliating Tan Removing Mitt is used for periodic light skin exfoliation removing dead skin cells, and unclogging pores and it is perfect for removing fading spray tan or self-tanner. Using our mitt 24-48 hours before a fresh spray tan or self-tan will help make your skin a very smooth canvas, which is essential to getting the best results on your sunless tan!

Using our exfoliating mitt with Glow By Erin's Charcoal Bar provides the ultimate tan-removing experience. It makes the process of removing any fading spray tan easy and quick, leaving your skin very smooth and clean.


  • Simply lather your body with the Charcoal Bar and brush the mitt over your body in circular motions, then rinse. You won't believe how soft your skin feels!


  • Rinse the mitt thoroughly after each use and hang to dry. This mitt is very durable and is made of 100% viscose.


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Glow By Erin Exfoliating & Tan Removing Mitt Gloves