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Indulge in the transformative power of permanent makeup at Vail Skin And Lashes, where we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty. Our skilled professionals utilize advanced techniques and high-quality pigments to create flawless and long-lasting results. Whether you desire perfectly shaped eyebrows, defined eyeliner, or luscious lips, our team will work closely with you to customize your permanent makeup to suit your unique features and preferences.

Permanent Eyebrows


At Vail Skin And Lashes, we prioritize your satisfaction and comfort throughout the permanent makeup process. Our highly skilled professionals will engage in a thorough consultation, taking the time to understand your desired shape and color preferences. To maximize your comfort, we employ top-of-the-line topical anesthetics during the treatment. Our numbing process is designed to provide the highest level of pain relief, allowing you to fully relax during the procedure. In fact, some clients find the experience so comfortable that they even fall asleep. Once you have finalized your shape and color choices, we will commence the permanent makeup process, giving you the freedom to choose between a natural or dramatic result. Rest assured, you have full control over your treatment, and our dedicated team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction and the realization of your beauty goals.

Permanent Lipstick

is permanent mackup painful?

Discomfort levels during permanent makeup procedures can vary based on individual pain thresholds. At Vail Skin And Lashes, we offer different methods and specialized topical anesthetics to help manage any discomfort you may experience. Our goal is to ensure your comfort throughout the process, and our team will work closely with you to find the most suitable option for your needs.

Permanent Eyelashes

is Permanent makeup Really Permanent?

Permanent makeup is achieved by tattooing pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis, making it resistant to washing off. While it is considered permanent, it's important to note that like any tattoo or pigment, fading can occur over time. This may require periodic maintenance, known as color re-enhancement or color refreshing, to keep the desired look vibrant and intact. Our team at Vail Skin And Lashes can provide the necessary touch-ups to ensure your permanent makeup remains fresh and beautiful.



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