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Fur | Ingrown Deodorant

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Fur | Ingrown Deodorant - No matter how you groom, your underarms deserve better care. This clean, multifunctional deodorant targets ingrown hairs, discoloration, and body odor in one swipe. Whether your underarms are bare, bushy, or somewhere in between, our derm and gyno-tested, water-based formula glides over hair and skin without a trace. All that’s left behind is a fresh, green scent reminiscent of the earth after rainfall.


  • What: A clean, multifunctional deodorant. (1.7 FL. OZ. / 50mL)
  • Where: Apply onto clean, dry underarms—it works well no matter how you groom.
  • How: Swipe Ingrown Deodorant onto both underarms. Reapply as needed depending on physical activity temperature.
  • When: Use Ingrown Deodorant daily to prevent ingrown hairs, improve underarm discoloration, and neutralize sweat. Reapply as needed.


  • Willow Bark Extract: A natural form of salicylic acid (a powerful BHA, or beta hydroxy acid) that penetrates deep into underarm hair follicles to prevent and treat ingrown hairs.
  • Radish Root Ferment: A probiotic derived from fermented radish root that protects the skin against odor-causing bacteria.
  • Niacinamide: A skin brightening agent used to help fade underarm discoloration and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, leaving behind brighter, more even skin tone.
  • Sandalwood, Citrus, Herbs: Natural essential oils that deliver a fresh, green scent reminiscent of earth after rainfall.


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Fur Ingrown Deodorant - Balancing & Brightening