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Fur | Bath Drops

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Fur Bath Drops - Introducing a better way to bathe. These seaweed-encased bath oil beads contain our signature Fur Oil and a blend of softening oils. They dissolve easily in warm water and gently nourish your skin, leaving you silky smooth skin and relaxed. Unlike the bath beads of the 90s, which were produced with gelatin casings, Fur Bath Drops contain absolutely zero animal products and are made with clean ingredients. Drop 2-3 Fur Bath Oil Beads into your bath for a replenishing soak.


  • What: A seaweed-encased blend of Fur Oil and additional softening oils. (18 Bath Drops per jar)
  • Where: Just add 2-3 Bath Drops in running water, sit back, and soak it in.
  • When: Feel free to use Bath Drops as often as you need—whenever your skin feels a little dry, or when you need to take a moment for yourself.


  • Red Seaweed: A vegan and environmentally friendly alternative to the gelatin casings of bath beads past, this natural capsule dissolves easily in warm water and allows for convenient travel usage.
  • Clary Sage Oil: An antibacterial and astringent essential oil that soothes redness, calms post-shaving irritation, and regulates the production of excess sebum in the pores.
  • Jojoba Oil: A liquid wax derived from the jojoba plant that mimics the body’s natural moisturizing properties to soften hair and skin.
  • Grapeseed Oil: A vitamin E, D, and C complex that hydrates the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.


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Fur | Bath Drops
Fur Bath Drops Bath Oil Beads