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Da Vinci

Da Vinci Teeth Whitening System | Gingival Barrier Gum Protector

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Da Vinci Teeth Whitening System | Gingival Barrier Gum Protector (gum dam) is used to protect your client's gums soft tissue during in-office teeth whitening or air-abrasion procedures.

  • The gingival barrier is used in lieu of Vitamin E to add extra protection to the gums and soft tissues directly after cleaning or brushing the teeth.
  • Very easy and safe to remove from gums.
  • Easily cured with your teeth whitening blue light or any dental curing light to remain firmly in place.


Professional Quality

The Da Vinci Teeth Whitening | Gingival Barrier Gum Protector is a passively adhesive methacrylate-based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whitened. 

Easily Flowable

Apply a barrier of 4-6 mm wide on the gingiva to seal interproximal spaces. Light Cure with a back-and-forth scanning motion for 20 seconds.

Designed For Maximum Comfort

Very soft as silicone and comfortable for gums. A bad gel is very hard and uneasy to take off, sometimes it will hurt the gums during taking off.


  1. Clean oral at first
  2. Put the dental cheek retractor within the oral.
  3. Take the cap out of the syringe, bring a curved needle, hold it, and squeeze, Put the gel on the surface of the gum, it’s about 2-4 mm thick and 3-6 mm wide.
  4. Use an LED whitening machine to light for 10-40 seconds.
  5. Start the whitening process.
  6. Remove the curing gum protector after the whitening process


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Da Vinci Teeth Whitening System - Gingival Barrier Gum Protector